Trans-Atlantic Modelling
and Simulation for
Cyber-Physical Systems

TAMS4CPS held its first EU collaboration workshop on TransAtlantic Modelling and Simulation for Cyber-Physical Systems on the 9-10th November 2015 at The International Auditorium, Brussels. The workshop provided an opportunity for around 30 EU-based participants to discuss latest developments and future research needs in CPS.

The first EU collaboration workshop examined the outputs of the first two US workshops and thus covers two themes of TAMS4CPS:

  • Architectures: principles and models for autonomous, safe and secure Cyber-Physical Systems – This covers all aspects of systems architecting, but particularly development of modular and composable architectures that take account of non-functional aspects, such as safety and security. Eventually, such models must include the human element in a disciplined fashion and may be used to support assurance and even certification requirements. The area of developing and agreeing standards is particularly important for this theme.
  • System design, modelling and virtual engineering for Cyber-Physical Systems – This theme is especially concerned with increasingly complex modelling of ever more complex systems. Autonomous systems interacting with humans will require new developments in modelling and simulation that should be extended to facilitate reliable verification and validation. A feature of this aspect of modelling will be dynamic models that capture accurately self-organising systems containing embedded software. Virtual engineering as a means to explore more extensive solution spaces will also be a feature of this theme.


The workshop consisted of 4 half-day sessions.

Session ID Timing Overview
1 9 November, a.m. Mutual introductions: EU and US perspectives on the state of the art, EU and US strengths & opportunities, EU and US vision
2 9 November, p.m. Eliciting test cases: test case specifications will be reviewed and expanded
3 10 November, a.m. Roadmap validation: trends & drivers; needs / requirements; technologies; enablers / barriers
4 10 November, p.m. Validation and prioritisation of research collaboration directions and funding instruments