Trans-Atlantic Modelling
and Simulation for
Cyber-Physical Systems

Steinbeis-Europa Zentrum


SEZ - Project Management - ICT

Description of the organisation

The Foundation runs a network of approximately 1000 so-called Technology Transfer Centres with the overarching aim to bridge the gap between science and application, turning R&D results into an actual economic advantage and making a whole spectrum of the latest technology and management insights available to large companies, SMEs, and individual entrepreneurs alike. Close links between the transfer centres and research organisations guarantee the connection between R&D and industry. More than 6,000 researchers, consultants and engineers carry out more than 20,000 contracts per year to improve strategy, product and process development of companies.

The core activities of SEZ are to manage and support international research projects, to assist organisations in European projects at any stage, to give assistance in the exploitation of research results, to promote trans-national technology transfer, and to stimulate and support the innovation process in industrial companies. SEZ has vast experience in organising, facilitating and conducting roadmapping workshops, dissemination activities, conferences and brokerage events for technology transfer. SEZ has been involved in more than 45 European projects in the past years, among them several roadmapping and technology transfer projects in a variety of emerging disciplines.

Role in TAMS4CPS

Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum (SEZ) is responsible for the creation of the Strategic Research and Collaboration Agenda and the “roadmapping” methodology for the workshops. SEZ also leads WP4 on communication, dissemination and exploitation of the TAMS4CPS project.

Contact persons

Dr. Meike Reimann

Sabine Hafner-Zimmermann

Sarah Mortimer