Trans-Atlantic Modelling
and Simulation for
Cyber-Physical Systems

Second TAMS4CPS Newsletter published:

TAMS4CPS Newsletter No2


Upcoming Events:

TAMS4CPS Final Event on 30th January 2017 in Brussels

We would like to announce that the final TAMS4CPS event will take place on Monday, 30th January 2017 in Brussels!

It is the final event of the TAMS4CPS and Road2CPS European projects and will bring together the Cyber-Physical Systems, embedded intelligent systems and advanced computing communities across Europe and beyond. Registration is possible already via the Road2CPS website. Additional information can be found here.

Looking forward to meeting you in January!


Impressions from the first TAMS4CPS Workshop in Washington D.C.

The first of a series of TAMS4CPS consultative workshops was held successfully on July 8th – 10th at George Mason University, in Washington, DC. The workshop was jointly organised by members of the consortium from Newcastle University, UK and Loughborough University, UK, with support from Professor Alexander Levis, George Mason University, Washington, who is TAMS4CPS’s US point of contact on Theme 1. This workshop primarily focused on Theme 1 of TAMS4CPS “Architectures: principles and models for autonomous, safe and secure Cyber-Physical Systems”. This covers all aspects of systems architecting, but particularly development of modular and composable architectures that take account of non-functional aspects, such as safety and security. Eventually, such models must include the human element in a disciplined fashion and may be used to support assurance and even certification requirements. The area of developing and agreeing standards is particularly important for this theme.

The workshop was actively participated by a group of 13 US participants representing a good balance of industry and academia’s modelling and simulation (M&S) experts. Based on the EU and the US perspectives on the state of the art, strengths and weakness, and vision; the US workshop participants identified and prioritized trends and drivers, markets, technologies and enablers in the field using a well-established road mapping tool developed by Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum, Germany. The participants identified through a voting mechanism the following priority topics requiring R&D to push the M&S for CPS forward:

  • secure architectures,
  • metrics and benchmarking,
  • interoperability and cross-domain architectures,
  • integration and associated certification of human-in-the loop.

Cross border (across the Atlantic) M&S test beds and scalable cross-models across different domains were among the project areas participants determined when given the task to outline possible dream projects for EU and US collaboration

The other major activity within the workshop was to elicit “test cases” (instances of CPSs and CPS design challenges) that can be used to benchmark modelling and simulation products (methods, tools, etc.) against the state of the art and against each other. This workshop has begun this task by eliciting key requirements that the suite of test cases should meet and has started sketching plans of possible test case sources and methods of long term effective curation. A number of key requirements essential for a test case to hold were identified and they include:

  • convenience of use.
  • feasibility for experimenting with design trade-offs such as size, power, security, optimisation etc.
  • capability of capturing elements of uncertainty.
  • test case description that include system capabilities at different levels of maturity (e.g., present versus a future system).

The workshop ended on a positive note with a webinar that summarised the workshop outputs and presented the US views to participants from the EU. The US workshop will be followed by a EU workshop on Theme 1 scheduled to be held in September/October 2015. To find out more about the first TAMS4CPS US workshop join the open webinar on 26th of August, 2015, 4-5pm CET.

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